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November 27, 2008



Nice story, but not all helpful to other Mac users.

What exactly was done to connect to the PC?

Without your giving specific instructions about how to solve this problem, your story is interesting but utterly useless to others!


To keep data synced across several computers and OS, give DropBox (www.getdropbox.com) a spin. It works well. Here are a couple of reviews.




Sounds like you might find it useful.


At the last place I worked I had one XP machine that was troublesome. Sometimes I could connect, sometimes not. Didn't ever figure out why and it was so random that the IT guys could never catch the issue. What was odd is that the machine in question was identical to the company template, machine model, keyboard, LCD monitor and mouse. Since it was just this one I had concluded there was some sort of hardware issue but never pursued it any farther. Do you have this connection issue with other XP machines?


These issues pop up occasionally. It usually has something to do with having to change the configurations around on the WIndows machine. I agree, however, more info on the problem would be useful to others perhaps experiencing similar problems.

Moreover, importantly why is your database sitting on an assistant's computer? You probably should have a dedicated server. Both you and your assistant should access the database from that.

Tom Benson

For PC's that won't take a connection from the Finder (some do, so don't, not sure why), do the following.

From the Finder menu
Go -> Connect To Server... (or Apple-K)
type "smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" where xxx is the PC's IP address.

Hit connect. You will have to enter a valid username/password for the PC. When the drive mounts on the desktop, you can save it as a shortcut/alias and from then on in, you only have to double click it to reconnect to the PC.

Partners in Grime

Nice. Glad it was figured out.


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