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April 11, 2006


michael jones

I like that article very much and i agree with it. The most important thing in a office for me is the furniture. I think that the whole atmosphere depends on that!

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Office equipment

hehe! I loved the picture! Very touching. God knows I wanted to do it myself so many times. the worst thing we ever had was that the desks were missing and we spent one day working on the floor :) that was fun actually now I think about it hehe...

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Thanks for all the great info! I'm still new to Twitter and this was so helpful! I was wondering how it works when you want to respond to something somebody said.

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Oh man, how could you not have put down "Amelie"? I watch that over and over again for her hair...her clothes...and just the basic richness of the movie. The premise sure sounds interesting...most movies today are about a load of nonsense...


I agree with the article and I feel that suitable office furniture will help in creating comfortable and healthy working environement for the employees and clients, and enhance producitivity.

Laura, Adult Tricycle

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I do wish to have my own office one fine day.

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