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April 14, 2006


Rick Whitham

Steve - I mean this with all respect, as one lawyer to another, but I'm not sure what your gratuitous comment means, "remember, in Texas people can and do carry concealed firearms." In Indiana, some of us can and do also, and we have enjoyed the privilege longer than Texas. Texas citizens didn't get that right from their state until after a horrible shooting in 1991, where a man ran his truck through Luby's restaurant in Kileen, TX and shot to death 23 people. Suzanna Hupp was there, and - complying with state law - had left her pistol in her car. She was a qualified marksman (or marksperson), and likely could have changed the course of the attack. Instead she lost both of her parents and watched so many others die needlessly. She later became a Texas state representative and she and her story were chiefly responsible for getting that state to finally adopt lawful concealed carry for its citizens in 1995. (See the article at http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2004/mar/16/texan_argues_for/) Texas violent crime, as in every other state that has adopted concealed carry laws, has dropped measurably since its passage. Although I get your point about these horrible lawyers in the linked video treating people so badly that perhaps someone will eventually decide to shoot them, I submit to you that statistics show it would be very unlikely that a concealed carry permit holder would do so. Studies consistently show those of us who believe in the right to defend against deadly agressors are much less likely than the general population to commit any serious crimes. I'm sure your comment was not intended to be a political "bullet" aimed at concealed carry permit holders, but rather I think you were trying to issue a warning to your fellow attorneys that horrible behavior such as shown in the film you linked to could have dire consequences. This message is indeed well founded. I apologize if I am preaching, but I simply wanted to make you aware that the language you chose can be insulting to a large group of people who exercise their lawful rights and who, in doing so, have been shown to have a lowering effect on violent crime for all of us (crooks don't want to get shot either, and though it's easy enough to limit criminal activities to when no police can be seen, it's much harder to know whether your intended victim might have a gun in her purse - and some of the criminals shift their attention to property crimes just to be safe.) And above all, lawyers should be aware that those of us who go to the trouble to comply with the myriad of gun laws at every political level are very keen to stay within those laws so we don't lose that right. Thanks for your consideration of my rambling here, and as well for all that you do in furtherance of the legal profession here in Indiana. Best Regards, Rick Whitham.

Neb Okla

For the record, as of today only two states do not allow their citizens to carry concealed handguns Wisconsin and Illinois.


Tim Kalamaros

That's a great clip Steve, thanks for the break. Now, "back to the grindstone!"

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