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November 04, 2009


Bob Canida

Steve, very enjoyable website! I appreciate that the story about the candy caught your attention. Most adults equate candy with expressing love, but that vision would change if you spent some time with a lot of kids in the dental office. It seems that the one day festivals get extended so that every day of the year is Christmas, Easter, and Halloween combined, and washed down with soft drinks. Our message was that you don't have to eat it all---that the tooth fairy not only comes to our office, but will also visit your house at appropriate occasions to whisk away the excess candy after you have gleaned your favorites. We tried to give a lasting visual, and hope that it created some vision for better health for lots of kids. We had fun. Hope that you see some fun in it too!


Nice plan on halloween. You're able to help the kids, promote cleaner teeth while still keeping it fun. Sad though the kids don't like it.

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